Secure Messaging

For the Physician

See what DSG secure can do for your practice and most importantly, your patients.

Improve Communication and Support your Patient’s Health.

Messaging your patients has never been easier. Get in touch instantly online, free up a crowded schedule, eliminate telephone-tag and run a more efficient practice with DSG Secure.

Your patients will thank you.

This increased patient-doctor communication will better connect you to your patients and provide them with convenient, personalized, and higher quality care.

Follow-Up, Share Results and Give Medical Advice:

Online communication has the potential to help patients better comprehend medical information and allows physicians to better perceive their patients needs.

  • Share and explain test results and/or treatment plans
  • Attach PDF documents such as, X-Rays, reports or consultation letters
  • Follow up on appointments or check-in with patients.
  • Answer patient’s questions and offer medical advice
  • All of this is done in a completely confidential, encrypted environment.
Send out Practice Information, News or Reminders:

DSG secure is also a faster and easier way to share clinic information with all of your patients, without wasting paper.

  • Send out your practice’s memos or newsletters to all patients with ease
  • Organize and communicate upcoming events or services, for example, flu shot clinics.
  • Send out individual health screening reminders.
  • Distribute any health related information, such as drug recalls, medical headline news, or health tips.
Increase Practice Productivity

Online messaging allows you to communicate in a more efficient and timely manor with patients, working to reduce phone volume. Minimized telephone-tag can help free up an over-crowded schedule for doctors and staff, while patients will appreciate spending less time on hold, leaving voicemails or facing busy signals.

Work Collaboratively with Staff

With a simple and easy-to-use platform DSG secure is designed to function efficiently when used collaboratively by both medical administrative staff and physicians. Whether you have a solo or group practice, DSG Secure can be modified to fit your needs.

The platform also has a feature where messages can be selected and then assigned to individual staff members. Each practice can determine who is responsible for monitoring incoming messages and they can then direct each message to the appropriate staff. This ensures that the patient’s messages and requests can be managed in the way most efficient for your practice.

Want to take all of this a step further? Implement our additional features to increase practice efficiency and provide exceptional service for your patients. Online Appointment Booking Tool:

This feature allows a patient to book appointments without having to call in, easing the administrative burden for staff and providing convenience for the patient.

Link DSG Secure with our Uninsured Services Program:

This enables patients to request and pay for services in advance online, saving them time and ensuring you that uninsured services are paid before rendered.