Secure Messaging

For the Patient

Contact your Physician Online, Anytime, from Anywhere.

DSG Secure provides a completely private, online messaging platform for you to ask your physician questions, get test results, and stay on top of your health. Forgo long phone-hold times and busy signals when you experience enhanced patient care through the timesaving convenience of DSG Secure.

With DSG Secure You Can: :

Communicate Easily and Instantly with your Physician Online:
  • Access DSG secure from anywhere with internet access
  • Send in questions instantly
  • Get in touch with your physician sooner
Stay Informed and Up-to-date on your Health:
  • Ask your physician any personal health related questions
  • Receive or inquire about test results
  • Obtain electronic health updates and information from your physician
  • And your physician can also message you!
Experience Timesaving Convenience:
  • Communication through DSG secure can either complement or substitute for in-office appointments
  • If you just have a quick question you can substitute an in-office appointment or a phone call with a DSG Secure message
  • You can message your physician following an appointment with any questions you may have forgotten to ask or for additional information you may require
  • Either way, say good-bye to long and inconvenient phone-hold times
All Communication is Highly Confidential:
  • All information shared through DSG Secure will remain private
  • The platform is secure and encrypted, this is what makes DSG Secure safer than email
  • • For further privacy concerns please see our privacy page

Please note any correspondence to a physician regarding medical advice is classified as an uninsured service and may result in uninsured service charges. Please ensure you are aware of your medical practices' uninsured services policy before communicating with the doctor