Secure Messaging


What is DSG Secure?

DSG Secure is a messaging platform that allows physicians and patients to communicate online. Patients can ask questions and physicians can give medical advice, pass along test results and follow up with patients through the completely secure and encrypted environment.

How do I sign up?

Call us and we can get you started today! You can reach DSG Secure Messaging Inc. at (416) 447-3666.

How much does it cost?

The cost of DSG Secure varies for solo and group practices and is dependent on team size. If you’re unsatisfied with the service there is a 90-day money back guarantee. Contact us today for a quote.

What makes DSG Secure different than email?

Physicians and healthcare providers must abide by privacy laws that prohibit them from using regular and unencrypted email providers to share personal and confidential health information. DSG Secure is an encrypted environment that ensures that health information is completely private and fully protected.

Will using DSG Secure create a lot of additional work?

No. It will actually save you time. The time spent replying to messages online is time that prior to DSG Secure would have been spent on the phone or leaving and responding to voicemails. This will make keeping in touch with patients simple. To make things even more efficient, remember that DSG Secure can also be accessed and used collaboratively by administrative staff.

Can all staff members of a doctor’s office access and use DSG Secure?

This is completely up to the physician. If the physician works with other staff members as a team, collaborative use can lead to faster and more efficient work. DSG Secure is designed to function efficiently when used by both medical administrative staff and physicians. However, if a physician wishes to only use it personally, that can also be done.

Will this be an easy system for my patients to use?

Yes. After signing on by creating a username and pass code, patients will be guided through the process by clear and simple instructions. Using DSG Secure to communicate will often be easier and more convenient for patients than playing telephone tag, being put on hold, or coming into the office.

Does all information remain completely private?

Yes. At DSG Secure Messaging we are dedicated to protecting the privacy of your patients. Unlike regular email everything is encrypted, which means that the information is coded so that only authorized users can access and read the data.

Do you provide training for physicians to learn how to use the program?

The online instructional video will provide all the information you need to get started. However, we are always available by phone and email to provide any assistance that you may require.

What additional features does DSG Secure offer?

DSG Secure offers two additional features. You can opt to implement one, both or neither.

  1. An Online Appointment Request Tool, which allows patients to request to request appointments through the DSG Secure platform.
  2. An option to link DSG secure with our Uninsured Services Program. This enables patients to request and pay for uninsured services in advance online through DSG Secure